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The is a website detailing the information and services offered by the insurance company BB&T. The company is a subsidy of the Banking and Trust group of companies. From this site, a client will get services and information.

Services to get from the site

Banking services

There are various banking services for different options like the savings and checking accounts aimed at helping one get the desired goals. At the site, clients will also get the CDs accounts aimed at helping the customers in achieving their long term investment goals. One can choose from the regular or other types of CDs for specific targets.

Bank credit card services are also offered. These cards are known as the Visa platinum with added benefits and use all over the world. Other card services include prepaid debit card, teen prepaid debit cards, check cards and gift cards.

One is also able to choose from different banking saving plans available like investor’s deposit account and college wealth savings.

Loan services

At the site a client will choose from several lending options available. This includes personal and mortgage loans. Home equity is also available.
Insurance services from the site

In the website, a client will get insurance information that will help in choosing the best. The insurance covered include the auto insurance services, flooding insurance cover, insuring the pets at homes, insurance taken for people renting homes, condos and home owners insurance and tenant insurance. With all the insurance chosen, clients will get it easily by making an online application from the site. This will save time and is also secure.
Investing services
By logging into the site, clients will choose from different investment options available like retirements, individual retirement accounts and college investments. This is aimed at securing the future.

Using the products and services at the is easy. A client is only supposed to open the site and choose any of the services available; this is followed by filling a form which is then submitted online before the actual services are rendered.

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