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Have you used the services of yet? This is the official website of Citibank. You can get access to various important services through this site. If you do not like to go out for any kind of baking needs, then this is the ultimate website for you. Before going to the services or usage part, let me first introduce you to the concept of Citibank.

A Great History of 200 years
Citibank is now 200 years old. Now, it has got branches all over the world. It has become an identity of its own. People look forward to this group of banks as a trusted partner for all banking needs.

The is the gateway to a whole lot of banking products. Those include the likes of retail banking, credit cards, lending opportunities, investment opportunities, various reward schemes etc. Moreover, the website has internal or in page links to various other Citigroup products and history. Moreover, if you are looking forward to a career in Citibank, then this website is the door to your dream.

The website is very well designed and the user interface is very much sober. You will not face any difficulty while navigating through the website or its services. This site is highly secure.


Using the services of citibank online
You cannot get access to the various services without registering your personal information with the site. As a guest, you can browse through or read the various advantages of Citibank. But, to make transactions or for any other banking requirements, you must have a user id and password.

Compared to other websites in this category, the site in question is less confusing. There are a lot of bank sites which try to offer you a lot of information on the very first page itself. It distracts the online customers. But, Citibank is uniquely different here.

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