Create an User and Manage an EBT Card Online

Manage your card online at can view your account balance and the transaction history online. The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is EBT

www.ebt.acs-inc.comEBT or Electronic Benefit Transfer is an Assistance Program that you can get food stamp advantages and cash benefits from your State Government by a plastic debit card. If you’re qualified aided by the system, you will be assigned a EBT card. Then you can use the card to make purchases at participating retailers. In the State of Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Virginia, the card is issued by ACS Inc.

User EBT card can create a user ID at the EBT Card website at present. Creating an online account is simple and easy, but will make your EBT card management easier and bring a lot of convenience to the EBT card holders.

Benefit of EBT card

After you creating a new user ID, the EBT card holder can access and manage his or her card online. It is very convenient and safe to check account balance, view transaction history, and more. It can help save your time

How to manage your card online:

Case1: New User
If you are the new user of EBT Card, you must create an user account before. By visit Then, choose your state and follow the instructions to register.

Case2 : Already a Member

1. Visit the EBT Card Online Access website at
2. Pick your state on the dropdown menu within the portion of “Create User Account”.
3.Enter your social safety amount, birthday, as well as your EBT card variety.
4.Pick out a user ID and password, then click on to the button marked “Submit.”
5.Adhere to recommendations to finish the submission. When carried out, you’ll be able to log in to obtain and control your EBT card on line.


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