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USAA Insurance, Banking, Credit Card is a USAA website that assists military officers and veterans in the military by offering them a wide range of financial products that help them succeed financially. USSA was established in 1922. Initially,it only had 25 military officers who made the extraordinary decision to insure each other’s cars. The organization has since grown in leaps and bounds and its membership has increased significantly. It currently has over 8 million members.

USAA offers a wide range of services which are of huge benefit to military personnel. They include:
i)Banking services
These services enable you deposit your money anywhere at anytime through Easy Deposit, Deposit@Home(This involves depositing your money using a computer and scanner), Deposit@mobile( This helps you deposit money using an Android or iphone device) and the free deposit.

ii)Insurance services
The policies offered are:
Renters Insurance-These covers your personal belongings for as little as 12 dollars per month e.g. when property is stolen from your rented house or car.
Health Insurance- With USAA, you get to choose your preferred doctors, obtain affordable healthcare benefits and pay for your coverage only when you need it.
Personal Property Insurance-It helps you recover stolen items with zero deductible.
Homeowners insurance-This helps you guard your home against vandalism, fire, theft and other calamities. You will be able to rebuild your home based on the construction costs applicable currently.

iii)Retirement plans
USAA helps you plan for life after employment. Retirement plans change as life changes. If you are a military member, USAA will ensure you have an upper hand over others. eligibility
If you are a widow of a USAA member who was in possession of a USAA auto or property insurance policy.
If you are an active or retired army officer.
If you are an adult child of a USAA member who was in possession of a USAA auto or property insurance policy.

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